Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My New Addition

Bonjour Everyone!

Hope the day is finding you in good graces.
I woke up on an 'eh . . ok' note today - Wasn't prepared for one of my design classes, which bothered me BUT I couldn't help it! I started an Etsy Store a couple days ago ( and have been majorly distracted by a new world that was just opened up to me. I adore it and now know where all my free pocket change will be funneling into to.

I bought my first piece this afternoon and couldn't be more excited about it.
Im very jazzed to start supporting other artists and crafters.

I came across Laura George's Etsy Shop ( and fell in love with two of her illustrations! I love the monochromatic theme she seems to apply to a lot of her work and... the flat colors! I got the first one shown here - love! and the second one was my other option! Who knows, I might have to come back in a week and get it too...


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