Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pink Martini! and Edith Piaf!

She is officially who I will listen to if I am down and need a pick me up! I have really been getting into french music lately - it's just so... sigh! I made a Pink Martini Pandora station and it is kicking me ass (in a good way) right now! Check out Edith Piaf too! Anyone seen La Vie En Rose!? O goodness.. I saw it the other day and just melted... Here are some scenes from the film... go rent it right now if you have some time to spare and love the FRENCH!


Found on Babysaysboutique's blog :) 

check it - It's Lub!

I present to you... dear friend Caleb Jacks and his fabulous work! We have known each other since I was... in junior high I think. He is not only one of the nicest people you will meet on this planet but a fabulous artist. His work has such a distinct style - I think what I love most though is the messages that he shares through them.... To see more of his work and his cute face, check out his myspace -

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

O the french!

O the french and their fashion....
I wish this was the typical dress code everyday, all day!
Why can't people just grow some balls and pretend that they are in a fairy tale :)
As soon as it stops raining and I make my way home - im putting a tutu on!

ok im back!

Ok so that last post didn't help - I still hate my project! SO I am going to talk about my two new Goodwill purchases I made today - I KNOW they will make me feel better/happier! Ok so the green shirt was perfect for today 'cause it was much colder outside today than I anticipated and I was headed to a class room that is always cold!

Then.... my new BAG! My favorite purse in the whole world broke the other day and I have found it's replacement! I adore the color and it holds a lot - which is super fitting for me 'cause I carry my life around!

ok back to work!

My Interactive Project!

Im HATING this project right now so I thought if I put it up and talked about it, maybe, just maybe, I would like it more... I think I hate it because it's in between me and my summer break!

Basically, it's an interactive photo journal! You can view the site in two different modes - MAP mode or PINWHEEL mode - the pinwheel is my favorite because everything spins around and is really fun! Essentially, you pick the location you want to view images from and GO!

Monday, April 27, 2009


So I found the photographer who took the jumping umbrella Brooklyn Bridge picture I mentioned below - she is actually a student and mother! Here are more from her umbrella series - I felt it fitting being that we just had a huge rain storm like 10 minutes ago her in Stillwater :) Enjoy!

The Gardens

With this beautiful weather gracing us with it's presence, Bubba and I felt it was COMPLETELY necessary to go to the gardens - read french books, drink tea, and eat baby blue M&M's! I only have one more package of polaroid film left and then my camera will no longer have a purpose - besides looking cool! My fleeting film went to good use on this day...

Frock Handbags!

Usually I like to get bags that are a solid color for the sake of going with more outfits! The same thing applies to my clothes... I'm not a big print person - but these really jumped out at me! I like how rich the colors of the organic embellishments are :) This could probably turn into a fun DIY project... I already have a huge list of fun projects I want to do over the summer... there may not be anymore room!


There is so much to say about these images that I won't even try....
I was kind of contemplating starting an online thrift/second hand store this summer!
These pictures did it for me... It's official!
Keep your eyes peeled for MY STORE this summer! haha...

Im getting a new camera within the next couple of weeks so it should be a great opportunity for me to get to play with it and experiment with some new/fun clothes!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

A new career path :)

A new career path has intrigued me to the point where I have decided to really invest my summer in exploring the possibility! A friend/photographer named Sarah Rhoades (some of her pictures are shown below) caused this initial spark of interest - her blog is fabulously designed and lets you view her work and understand what she does so clearly. Go here to check it out -

I have always either incorporated photographs into my design work, been extremely inspired by it, or just plain enjoyed looking at them. I collect old photographs and have my very favorite blogs that are constantly updated with gorgeous pictures and colors. It is crazy to me that I am just now realizing that becoming a photographer could be a very fulfilling career path - not to mention financially fulfilling too - if it's done right and well. Sarah, my friend mentioned above, shoots weddings, engagement photos, and individual portraits. I feel that young couples are definitely looking for someone with a unique voice that can capture them at such a vibrant time in their lives... and I now plan on exploring the possibility of making this happen as Sarah Rhoads did.

It is the first time in a long time that I have really been excited about something. Don't get me wrong, I do love being a Graphic Design major because I have learned so much about the creative world but... I have had multiple design internships and jobs and just DON'T LIKE IT. I want to LOVE what I do so I am going search elsewhere for a while...

These images inspired me today :)
The one on the Brooklyn Bridge is my favorite!

A good night....

Bonsoir. In celebration of a friend, Mr. Kevin Jobe, getting into his desired Graduate School - my roommates decided that a chicken pot pie party was a perfect way to celebrate! Signs were made, beer was drank, about 15 homemade pies were made... fun was had! A good blow out as the school year is coming to an end and people are planning to go their separate ways, far from Oklahoma State, forever....

Enjoying the front porch and the nice weather

Bubba makes an appearance after his big micro-biology banquet (he got best student of the year!)

Kevin preping the sigh to welcome party-goers! CHICKEN + POT + PIE = chicken pot pie party!

The chef hard at work! She is just fabulous. I felt bad cause I just sat there and worked on my french homework the whole time while she was scurrying around. It was due that night at midnight... I had to!

tag teaming it - these are my two beautiful roommates... I will miss them! (they graduate in about 2 weeks...)

Friday, April 24, 2009


So this is the first draft of a poster assignment for my Type 2 class. We had to pick a broadway play - either Doubt or The Farnsworth Invention to design a poster for... Im playing off the idea of the birth of the television (what the play is about)!!


So I have decided that one-sies are for me!
They are incredibly fun and cool for this hot weather...
that has kindly been gracing us with it's presence :)
The first one with the floral print is my fav.

Berkley Illustrations

I came across these really whimsical yet odd illustrations today and fell in love. The giraffe looks mad though - he should be happy in his blue suit! Check out all the characters here -

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My 22nd Birthday Dinner

My 22nd birthday wrapped up in a nut shell.
...wake up late
...go to my one and only class for the day - ceramics!
...go to a new gallery that opened in Stillwater - I have sold 4 pieces of my work there :)
...went to dinner at a new sushi place with some random people
...went to Eskimo Joes and got free beer (tried Bud Lime for the first time...MMmm) boyfriend suprised me and got off work!
...went to Stonewall to meet up with friends
...saw two HUGE transvestites
...had a new delicious whiskey+amaretto+cranberry shot
...talked a lot
....walked all the way homeeeeee
...passed out

note: The picture above is from the night after when my lovely boyfriend Bubba took me out to a nice dinner. I got that sparkly shirt and have been dieing for an occassion to wear it, voila!

My boyfriend paints with bacteria....

The final product made from bacteria!!

(this is only part of the image though - it's the scene of The Creation of Adam from the Sistine Chapel. ( Just in case you don't recognize that hand) Bubba's project was funded by a grant that he recieved through our university. He decided to combine art and science while collaborating with a few fellow students with diverse skills. I helped him work on his concept, create the actual drawing and stencils that he worked with, painted the frame, and designed his final poster to present this week! (along with waking up at 4 in the morning to drive out to his lab with him to check on the pieces progess) His good friend Chris Livsey is an architecture student and super handy with tools so he custom built the frame and the box that the bacteria was grown in... There is another addition to the project that deals with a composition composed from a gene sequence by a student from Arkansas and a video created from these crazy sciene images...

Anyways, it was great to be apart of as I learned a whole lot about science :) Something that I have become absolutely clueless about since my last science class in like 8th grade.

Here are some pictures of the process.....

Spray painting on my front porch - it was freezing on this night and the next day it got up to 92 degrees... Oklahoma weather is so odd.

late night at the lab - working on creating a steril enviromnent while the bacteria starts to grow!

Playing with dry ice that we found in a cooler :)