Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tec Petaja Photography!

I almost fainted when I saw this shoot done by Tec Petaja Photography for Nashville Lifestyles Magazine. ugh ugh ugh. Check out his blog to see all the images because there are TONS and they are ALL beautiful, colorful, unique, ugh ugh ugh.
I think I just decided that THIS IS WHAT MY WEDDING WILL BE LIKE... outdoors under a beautiful tree, pretty mellow lights, beautiful mixes of floral prints, sigh :)

A Floral Mess

This issue of Little Things Magazine just blew me away :) Not only was it so floral inspired that I almost fainted but one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Cuillère à absinthe, was featured! What a lucky and inspiring girl...

...speaking of tea and a cigarette, it's about that time :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

yes yes yes yes yes yes ! ! !

I Love Madewell!

I feel like a lot of people don't know about Madewell, but they are just rockin! They focus on their denim and do great job!! I have a pair of jeans and a great big baggy gray cardigan that I literally wore almost every day this winter. If you haven't visited them, check them out NOW! They have a cool website that does a great job of showcasing their designs. They don't have a ton of locations, but if you can find one it's totally worth the drive :) They also give great student discounts... ok enough!

Floral baby floral.

...surprisingly, Victoria Secret has some GREAT affordable suits! Floral + ruffles = YES!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ramona West Etsy Shop

Annika Aschberg

My favorites of Annika Aschberg's.
The dress in the last photo is to die for too.

teeny tiny

I just loove these tiny canvas prints. Very beautiful portraits.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

gorgeous edtorials
 i hated working in the art department FOR a publication and just working on the spreads.... but boy o boy did I love getting to see all the images they had to choose from! These gorgeous publication spreads were all shot by photographers who are apart of These are all so incredibly colorful and dreamy to me :)

Take me to India NOW!

heaven. i'm a color lover.

Twig Hutchinson is a God

I want to live in a tee - pee!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My New Camera

MY NEW CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!! I was going to get the new Canon T1i but when I got to the store I somehome changed my mind after talking to some people there and went with the Nikon D5000. I couldn't be happier. I got it this afternoon and am patiently but anxiously waiting for the battery to charge! hurry hurry... please.... hurry!

gimme gimme

Gimme Gimme!

Just finished :)

So I just finished this illustration this morning and am really happy with it. Usually I use illustration board but I saw this wood cut out and thought it could be super interesting. It was a bit harder to get the ink to go down and not spread through the wood grains but totally worth it. I needed a change!