Friday, February 27, 2009

Tunes that Make Me Happy.

So these are the tunes that are engulfing me right now. I genuinely don't know what I would do without music. It allows you to feel things that cannot be expressed with words.... These artist help me stay sane throughout my 12 hour school days!

Them + a cigarette + some deep breaths = YES!

Heart of a Pirate :) She allows me to dwell in my Parisian dream life.

Bon Iver in all his glory. There are no words....

Zach Condon + a double disc EP? WHat...!???

Animal Collective - especially My Girls!
Watch their trippy video -

Tunes man, Tunes!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Sometimes.... I hope.... and I hope and I hope...
and hope some more...
maybe I should  just DO something?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Le Ballon Rouge

This film inspired me this evening. It opens with a gorgeous view of a neighborhood in a hilly part of Paris, its grey cobblestone streets and stairways ghostly in a morning mist - the boy and the balloon are inseparable.


We Are Children Who Don't Need Much

So in the spirit of how busy Bubba and I can be - we decided to go all out and leave everything behind for a whole weekend! Phones off, no emails, nothing.... This was harder for Bubba than it was for me but I think he was pretty distracted by all the fun and did a good job. We went to Lake Arcadia about an hour away from Stillwater - we timed everything pretty poorly and got there right as the sun was going down. We also found out upon arrival that it was too windy for fires and they were banned for the weekend! We had a whole van full of groceries that depended on a fire... we made do with the the grill and charcoal from a nearby gas station. Our dinner was tasty, the music was good, so we danced.... the whole evening! Vicki kept us warm as the cold front moved in - Thank you Vicki :)

We spent the next day in Oklahoma City at the Art Museum downtown. There was an exhibition on the Harlem Renaissance that was incredibly enjoyable - and also I finally got to see a collection done by glass blower Dale Chihuly - There was a film playing about the men that he studied within a tiny community in Italy - it explained a lot of the creative and physical processes of making the work! Look at his website, it's insane... After that we decided to go to the Botanial Myriad Gardens because it was right around the corner - lets just say that I now feel like I have been to the rainforest. It was like stepping into another world! We also managed to find a Good Will a couple steps away under this highway - Bubba and I thought we were going to get shot and mugged at the same time, but we did find great shoes and a cardigans :) Totally worth our lives.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Smile at this Face

How beautifully wonderful is this face.

Le Printemps 
par Théophile Gautier

Regardez les branches
Comme elles sont blanches,
Il neige des fleurs.

Riant de la pluie
Le soleil essuie
les saules en pleurs.

Et le ciel reflète
Dans la violette
Ses pures couleurs…

La mouche ouvre l’aile
Et la demoiselle
Aux prunelles d’or,
Au corset de guêpe
Dépliant son crêpe,
A repris l’essor.

L’eau gaiement babille,
Le goujon frétille
Un printemps encore !

Lake Arcadia and Hobos

Bubba and I escaped this weekend.
We only went an hour away yet it felt like another planet.
The lakes in Oklahoma are a bare and dull place in the winter.
A cold front moved in during the middle of our adventure.
We survived and laughed the whole time.
We cooked good food.
Played with light and cameras.
danced in the dark under the trees.
Got tummy aches but cured them them with a lemon lime from Sonic.
Went thrift shopping and found unloved pieces of pretty clothing.
They are loved now (and currently being worn).
I am at peace of mind and refreshed. 
Thank you Lake Arcadia and Bubba.
(more pictures and a video to come soon)


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Parisian Love.

So I have been studying french for o... three hours now and I have become restless.
I decided to check out some Parisian's lifestyles for a bit of cultural inspiration.
Being a new found fan of Lookbook, I found this fabulously stylish 17 year old from France.
Mission accomplished :)

Her blog is colorful, whimsy, sounds great, andddddd makes me want to move!
Enjoy -

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Can I have long legs please?

Soooo the very last thing I need to be doing is indulging in clothes and fashion right now (very behind on school, as usual) but it is fashion week and I CAN'T HELP IT.... I have never been a big fan of ALL BLACK but these shots of fashion week enthusiasts are just GREAT! I think the one on the bottom is my favorite... it's that jacket that does it to me.

These are just two of my favorites out of handfuls :)
HURRY Spring, we patiently await your arrival.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Cooking on Love Day!

Valentines Day + My Love + My Favorite Snack From My Favorite City (Paris and Crepes!)

Me and my fabulous boyfriend decided to hang at my house and just relax this Valentines Day. We contemplated going out and spending lots of money that we don't have because we between the 2 of our schedules we can NEVER find time to play.... but we landed on frozen pizza (which was amazing by the way), mozzarella sticks, and CREPES for dessert!! Mmmmm... We had a great time and got to reminisce about our trip to Paris this past summer. 

I got the crepe recipe from my Free People Valentines Day Swap Buddy, Leslie at Urbanestic! Check out her blog if you want to make the tasty treats or to see what she sent me - 
Her present was fabulous and I had such a great time getting to know another creative crafty soul.

Hope everyone had a good day and ate at least one piece of chocolate (I downed a whole heart box full of candies)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hi Kashion

Hi dear kashion
you were right... 
I did say that about my hair...

p.s. I was being weird about it because you made me feel dumb.


A Friend's Insight

So I have a friend named David.
He is very very wise in my eyes... 
This is a tid-bit from his tumblr -  'Missourication' (He lives in Missouri)

"I was always really drawn to the idea that all people were in search of the transcendental (It seems hip (like something that is good to tell someone you’ve just met (or basically anyone you want to impress with your asinine-ness (Looking back on it, when I was arrogantly turning down beers at the age of 17 (even though I probably would have given anything just to know “what it was like,” (hell I still wish I could figure out a way to get high without “God getting mat at me” (these quotations serve not to communicate any lack of faith in the existence of God, more so to exhibit the fact that it wouldnt actually be God getting mad (does God still get mad? That’s another tangent I suppose (As if it is even worth pretending that one tangent might actually not have anything to do with another (Even in this “thought” thus far I have clearly been exhibiting that everything is linked inextricably to everything else even if it is “real butnot capable of being produced by the algebraical operations of addition, multiplication, and involution, or the inverse operations” (And now it seems we have come full circle back to my original idea of transcendentalism! (Thus proving my point)))))))))))).

Anyways, it’s interesting isn’t it?  The fact that, no matter the vehicle though which we find it easiest to conduct our own search, we are all shuffling our feet through the sandy beaches, waiving our wands over the bumpy grains, avoiding the ebbing tides, waiting for that rhythmic beeping from our detectors to quicken.  And somehow, in a day and age when we grow weary of waiting for a 30-second commercial to end, we can wander from sun up to sun down waiting patiently for the transcendental.  Sometimes we find it in the 90th minute of a Ryan Gosling movie; you know what I mean.  Your heart is beating harder against your ribcage, your throat and head throb from holding back the relentless urges to “shed a few” over the past hour and a half.  And about the time you realize those two passed away in that tiny bed together, you realize to yourself, “This is what life is all about.  Finding your love, building her a house, growing a sweet beard, and holding on to her until the end.  That’s where happiness lies!”  Or perhaps when you reach down and pull The Notebook from the shifting sands, you toss it into the water and watch it get pulled back into the ocean before you renew your own search for “It,” for the transcendental.  Sometimes we find it when we’re packed like sardines into a bar, watching some skinny dude fill the room with reverbed-out guitar chords, and you KNOW you could die happy right there.  And when God, standing at those pearly white gates, asks you what that short life was all about, you can have an answer for him (although I wouldn’t be too sure you’re right).  Or maybe you hate that music, maybe you like Ne-Yo.  You might love to team-toss that skinny rock’n’roller into the ocean and watch him try to surf that Six-stringed hunk of wood back to shore. Nonetheless, you start your search yet again.

Point being, we are all rubbing shoulders, bumping our Metal (Transcendental) Detectors into each other, waiting lifetimes for sparks to catch fire, for that long skinny Tetris piece to come and fill in the gaps perfectly.  And it’s beautiful, really.  The world is bursting at the seems with beautiful artwork and wonderful charities.  Tear-jerkers abound these days, and it isn’t difficult to be inspired (which is a GREAT thing).  But our problem is, when someone’s beeps quicken, when they pull from the wet sand exactly what they think they were looking for, we all snap our fingers and groan and check our watches (or more likely cell phones these days).

We love these things, movies, music, art, friendships, literature, not because they themselves are what we are looking for, not because they themselves are transcendental.  We love them because they bring us to the feet of God, THE transcendental.  And really (in my desperate, parenthetical attempt to maintain some sort of metaphor in all of this), most of the time I bet God just wants us to empty our pockets and end our search.  Then we might look up and see that we have been shoving past PEOPLE.  Then we might look out and see the sun set on our last day of searching.  We might find pain, beauty, humor and harmony where Aaron Weiss from mewithoutYOU and St. Francis of Assisi found it; in the sun and the moon."


Friday, February 6, 2009

New Emmadime Postcards!

So I got some postcards printed of my illustrations!
Posted them on etsy this morning...
I wanted to have something available besides just the originals.


Naps should never be ruined. ever.

Woke up at 7am.
With a sore throat that could kill a girl.
Crammed for a french test.
came home.
decided to take a nap.
woke up to...
this lovely event occuring in my backyard!
...or should I say loudly crashing and sawing and yelling!
So I made some tea. Earl Grey Tea.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Website!

So I started designing my website tonight...
Here is a sneak peak :)
It is going to be very very simple - all white with simple navigation and great images that are mine or that have inspired me!

p.s. Setting up a host name and all that jazz is a pain in the behind - but I figured it out and I am super proud of myself because I am not HTML savvy at all...

Monday, February 2, 2009

fro it.

A trumpet in paris.
Fountains and Tramways.
knitted slippers.
a blank piece of paper.
his voice.
and his.
A Sunday Smile.
or lack there of...

It's time for me to be done...

Visit the girls at
I aspire to start something as beautiful and unique as this.
Im VERY burnt out when it comes to school - looking at shops likes this is not only inspirational but hard because it creates a sense of anxiousness... to be done with my studies and have every single minute as my own - to do with with them as I PLEASE. I cannot wait.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Solution to a bad hair day!

So I am getting so very sick of my locks - I just got a cut in an attempt to change things up and rid of the boredom! No success. I have found that.... I NEED THESE! My roommates have wonderful hair accessories and have opened up my world to new solutions when you are just NOT FEELING YOUR DEW! These are handmade and can be found on etsy! How talented is this girl!?