Sunday, May 3, 2009

Here's to gorgeous things....

So my Mom came and helped me move all my stuff back to Dallas today! She rented a pick-up truck and happily drove 4 hours up and 4 hours back down in one day - what a sweet Mom.  I still have finals so I can't go anywhere yet... Looks like she will be unloading all by herself, oops!

So every single time I move to a new place or just home for the summer, I realize how much shit I have.... Why do we need so much shit! It's not necessary. I purged my room and myself of a lot of my STUFF while packing this afternoon, made a Goodwill run, and felt MUCH better.... This image above inspired me to only keep the good and the beautiful in my life - only things I view as one of a kind, treasures.... no more shit or crap! 

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Hayley said...

Ugh I so agree!! I have WAY too much stuff. I am looking forward to getting rid of a ton when I move.