Wednesday, April 16, 2008

An Addition to my Family.

So being the obsessed lomographer that I have become over the past couple months, I decided it was time to bump things up a knotch. My world has changed... drumroll.... I now own a bright red Holga 120CFN. It is almost completely made of plastic, has a built in flash with variable colour gels, and two shutter speeds. Not bad for plastic. What I like most is that it has two image modes. My favorite is the 6x6 because... 1. I love the larger size and 2. when do you ever see a square photograph - they are always the typical 4x6 rectangle! I think there is something about a square image that makes it unique and interesting, unconventional and attractive... I could ooo and gooo for hours so i'll stop while I am ahead!

These are some shots from other Holga Lovers :) I am still on my first roll so hopefully I will have some as equally as superb as these....


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Leslie said...

oh my gosh.... I just purchased my first Holga last week and it is bright yellow! I am going to see if I am any good at taking pictures with it.
I love your red one!