Sunday, April 6, 2008

You need Lomo in your Life you HOMO.

So... Lomography! What is it you ask? Well... it is the most interactiv, vivid, blurred and crazy face of photography worldwide. PICTURES: That is what Lomography is all about. Nothing compares to the feeling of visually diving into a pool of shining, new, sweet-smelling lomographs. My pictures, your pictures, pictures of the world, pictures of fleeting moments, secret passions, boring brou-ha, left toes, blurred nothings. Simply everything. Lomography collects, treasures and presents all of this.

Being the avid picture lover that I am, this website opened up another world for me, a new hobby! I now have two lomo cameras and am planning on purchasing the Diana+ It takes 120 film, which have never worked with before, but I think it will help me to be a bit more bold when it comes to working with new mediums.

I am a member so you can see the images that I have posted (the ones that actually turned out and I like... It's a crazy cool website - have fun!)


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