Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We Are Children Who Don't Need Much

So in the spirit of how busy Bubba and I can be - we decided to go all out and leave everything behind for a whole weekend! Phones off, no emails, nothing.... This was harder for Bubba than it was for me but I think he was pretty distracted by all the fun and did a good job. We went to Lake Arcadia about an hour away from Stillwater - we timed everything pretty poorly and got there right as the sun was going down. We also found out upon arrival that it was too windy for fires and they were banned for the weekend! We had a whole van full of groceries that depended on a fire... we made do with the the grill and charcoal from a nearby gas station. Our dinner was tasty, the music was good, so we danced.... the whole evening! Vicki kept us warm as the cold front moved in - Thank you Vicki :)

We spent the next day in Oklahoma City at the Art Museum downtown. There was an exhibition on the Harlem Renaissance that was incredibly enjoyable - http://www.okcmoa.com/harlemrenaissance/ and also I finally got to see a collection done by glass blower Dale Chihuly - http://www.chihuly.com/ There was a film playing about the men that he studied within a tiny community in Italy - it explained a lot of the creative and physical processes of making the work! Look at his website, it's insane... After that we decided to go to the Botanial Myriad Gardens because it was right around the corner - lets just say that I now feel like I have been to the rainforest. It was like stepping into another world! We also managed to find a Good Will a couple steps away under this highway - Bubba and I thought we were going to get shot and mugged at the same time, but we did find great shoes and a cardigans :) Totally worth our lives.

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