Tuesday, April 21, 2009

School Days, Good ol' Golden Rule Days

Emma says.... STAY STRONG as school is coming to end and kicking our asses!
Warm summer days are in the near future.
The end is in sight :)

I plan to roller blade a lot this summer, I plan to... draw, make a new friend, love on my family, chalk on the sidewalk, sun bathe, read dreamy books, enjoy my last summer as a kid - this time next year, I will have been a graduate for months and who knows... might be in Paris working at a cafe or I could be in Dallas with a big person job! Crazzzay to think about how many possibilities we have in this world.


Katy said...

ahhh! i'm glad you were inspired by my post because i was by yours as well. sure, i am only a freshman, but i know the semesters will flyyyyy. i'm scared shitless and crazy excited all the same.

oh, but summer... it's sounding surreal.

Jenny Sue Jewelry said...

thanks for the push, only a few more weeks until sweet glorious summer for me. grad school is kickin' my butt hard as this semester comes to a close. hope all your summer plans come true. i should make a list of my own...