Thursday, April 23, 2009

My 22nd Birthday Dinner

My 22nd birthday wrapped up in a nut shell.
...wake up late
...go to my one and only class for the day - ceramics!
...go to a new gallery that opened in Stillwater - I have sold 4 pieces of my work there :)
...went to dinner at a new sushi place with some random people
...went to Eskimo Joes and got free beer (tried Bud Lime for the first time...MMmm) boyfriend suprised me and got off work!
...went to Stonewall to meet up with friends
...saw two HUGE transvestites
...had a new delicious whiskey+amaretto+cranberry shot
...talked a lot
....walked all the way homeeeeee
...passed out

note: The picture above is from the night after when my lovely boyfriend Bubba took me out to a nice dinner. I got that sparkly shirt and have been dieing for an occassion to wear it, voila!