Sunday, April 26, 2009

A good night....

Bonsoir. In celebration of a friend, Mr. Kevin Jobe, getting into his desired Graduate School - my roommates decided that a chicken pot pie party was a perfect way to celebrate! Signs were made, beer was drank, about 15 homemade pies were made... fun was had! A good blow out as the school year is coming to an end and people are planning to go their separate ways, far from Oklahoma State, forever....

Enjoying the front porch and the nice weather

Bubba makes an appearance after his big micro-biology banquet (he got best student of the year!)

Kevin preping the sigh to welcome party-goers! CHICKEN + POT + PIE = chicken pot pie party!

The chef hard at work! She is just fabulous. I felt bad cause I just sat there and worked on my french homework the whole time while she was scurrying around. It was due that night at midnight... I had to!

tag teaming it - these are my two beautiful roommates... I will miss them! (they graduate in about 2 weeks...)

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