Monday, March 9, 2009

haha ok LAST post for the day!

I have been up here in the computer labs for almost 12 hours so.... 
Im being being very 'computer-esque' today/tonight. 

Im working on a Title Sequence for Computer Graphics right now...
Here is what I got so far!
It is due the Monday we get back from Spring Break so I am trying to knock this sucker out without compromising it - I have 2 days!

Its a Title Sequence for a piece of literature called "Roughneck".
It's about a man traveling through the United States during the Great Depression.
I am compiling scenes with tons of different objects and layers - and they will slide in and out and pop up like one of those games at a carnival when you shoot it with a water gun! Trust me, it may sound weird but it's going to be rockin'
Im excited to see how it turns out :)