Sunday, March 1, 2009

a Yellow New York City.

So I JUST bought a plane ticket to go to New York in April! It was an early birthday present from my Dad that was VERY MUCH APPRECIATED... Me and Bubba will be going to for about 5 days to look at potential Graduate schools for him - but to also play play play!!!!!! 

I did an internship with Teen Vogue in Manhattan this past Spring and have been looking through all my pictures to pump myself up. I also kept a tiny Moleskin of all the places I fell in love with and wanted to revisit - it will definitely come in handy on this trip! There is this amazing Indian Restaurant I want to go back to - It not only had incredible food but an amazingly fun atmosphere - check it out -

In the above picture, I am on the balcony of a friend's apartment that I stayed at every once in a while - I lived in a town called Rye that was about 45 minutes upstate New York so it was nice to stay in the city every once in a while. I think I would have had a much different experience if I lived in Manhattan or the surrounding area but my set up in Rye was so cheap that I couldn't pass it up. I spent a lot of time out there on that balcony just thinking and taking everything in. I didn't meet a lot of people while I was there so I had a lot of me time... There were very fun times and very very hard times - I made one good friend named Lizzy O - We interned together at T.Vogue. She was in the photo department and I was in the Art department so we rarely got to hang at work. She basically saved me towards the end of my time there - went out with my on my 21st birthday to a bar in Brooklyn. I am hoping to see her while I am visiting in April - we have kept in touch :) 

I am so excited to be back in that place but with probably my favorite person ever right now, Bubba :) I will have someone to experience everything with... someone to talk to about how amazing everything is instead of just thinking it to myself, it got old being there by myself after a while! ha... CAN'T WAIT!

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Leslie said...

Oh what fun! I hope you have a great time in NY and so cool to hear about your internship, how cool.