Monday, March 30, 2009

New York, HERE I COME!

So I leave for New York on Thursday and couldn't be MORE anxious.
I can't concentrate on a thing :(
I started packing last night because I needed to get some of it out of my system.
Thankfully, it is still cold as I find inspiration in these outfits!

A couple of things I MUST do while I am there...
1. See my friend Lizzy that was an intern with me at Teen Vogue! She is wonderful :)
2. See my mentor at Teen Vogue - possibly take her coffee and show my boyfriend around in the office :) 
3. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge and eat at the GREATEST pizza place of all time. It has a gorgeous view of the city at night.
4. Go to this Indian Restaurant called Panna 2 - it is an experience!
5. etc etc etc.... I could go on and on....
6. shopping too, OF COARSE! Im going to be so broke after this trip :(


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